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Simmons & Schmid

In 2020, the Wordworks transitioned to Simmons and Schmid, and with that needed a whole new identity that would reflect the company and its updated brand pillars. What makes SxS different from other content agencies is how the company offers an almost tailored experience to its client, building teams specifically around their requirements to get the best results.

My concept reflects the fluidity of this tailored and bespoke experience, whilst also retaining the familiarity and seniority of professionals the company brings to clients.

Simmons & Schmid

The logotype for Simmons and Schmid, contains the typeface Formula Condensed by the Pangram Pangram type-foundry, and fitted perfectly for the brief.Not only is it available in different weights but also featured stretched alternatives, which could be used to produced variations to the logo, and could be animated to morph and move to each position. (Animated Logo render by Matthew Francis) 

I wanted the branding to have a strong and confident colour pallet that would reflect the three bold statement pillars: 'We're Makers', 'We're Partners, and 'We're Thinkers.' I wanted colours that worked well with the logo also, and would overlay without hindering accessibility too much. 

The images above were part of the original 'presentation' I gave to the two founding CEO's explaining my two submitted two routes, this 'kinetic' route, and a 'safer option. Both options were received really well. Out of both of my proposed routes, I felt that this 'kinetic' version fitted Simmons and Schmid's original brief and brand positioning better than my safer option, however, it was later thought the safer option would be more suitable for the companies existing clientele. You can see the chosen route's guidelines here.

The Founders wanted the website to be simple and easy to navigate through. The site is divided into three main sections: the brand Pillars (acting as an about us section ('Who?'), followed by the showreel (What?), and finally the business' contact details (Where?). When scrolling each section locks into place and adjusts to fill the user's screen size.


Less of a portfolio site and more of an explanation of what the brand represents with the three pillars being the first section the viewer will see after the initial intro animation. Each pillar can be clicked on with the type adjusting like the logo on the hover-over. When clicked the full site colour changes and the new information is displayed.

The Showreel plays silently behind the text when hovered over, and appears in a pop up when clicked.

Like the brand pillars, in the contact us section, Tube, Train, and Bus also change the website's colour over.

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