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I’m NICHO a Multidisciplinary designer and artworker from Cambridgeshire, working in London - passionate about the ever-changing world of design, and a firm believer in print not being dead.


In 2015 I received the New Blood Award for a Monotype brief from D&AD, and since then I’ve been working hard creating engaging and visually pleasing work for a colourful list of clients. It's good fun.


I am super passionate about typography and editorial design so I do enjoy projects based around these, I get giddy over laying out type and playing with kerning. I'm living the absolute dream.

At least 80% of my purchases are based on if the typography on it looks yummy, or if I like how the ink is sitting on the paper. I’m also a big fan of ugly architecture, the more brutal the better, so you often find me lurking around the Barbican estate, looking up in awe at the towers.


In my spare time, I run a car club in Peterborough, so this keeps me busy, not only with organising events and attending shows, but also managing the brand, advertising events, club merch, and much more - let alone getting my own car (@TheTangoBeast) ready for shows.


That's enough about me though, check out my work, drop me a message, or follow me on IG.

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Editorial & Layout / Identity & Branding / Digital & Web / Print & Packaging Illustration / Artworking / Exhibition & Large Format Printing / Presentation Design

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I'm always on the lookout for cool projects so if you've got something in mind, or would like to see more of my work, drop me a line below and I'll be in touch shortly.

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Get in Touch

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