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Diebold Nixdorf, Zebra

Diebold Nixdorf the self-service technology company approached us to create a new identity for their Store Mobility Campaign, in partnership with Zebra Technologies. With this a microsite was required, a Whitepaper that sat on that page, and additional assets such as Social Media images and banner adverts. The new campaign needed to be fairly separate from Diebold's typical identity, so I focused on one of the colour's from their existing colour pallet and created shades, and continued to use their signature typeface, Gotham, throughout the project as a subtle nod back.

Store Mobility Campaign

This new identity would continue to be implemented later by Diebold Nixdorf's own teams, so creating brand guidelines that covered the do's and don't was key.


Along with a logo lock-up and updated colours, I created a sweeping gradient and hexagonal pattern which could be applied to any collateral that would later need creating. The hexagonal shape could be used as an imaging device, as well as the 30-degree triangle which I reused from Zebra's own collateral, which created an amalgamation of the two identities into one new brand.

My new style could easily be applied between different collateral. The Whitepaper document which is comprised of both Diebold's and Zebras findings was very text-heavy to start with, but by injecting as much white space as I could, with the addition of icons, charts and call-outs It became a far neater and legible document that still sat comfortably in the new brand style.

Icons and graphics only comprised of the new brand colours, using tints to create depth and shadows. These were used both in the whitepaper and microsite.

To attract traffic, both Diebold and Zebra ran a series of adverts of various shapes and sizes over multiple website and social platforms. They wanted their Vynamic software to be displayed on any devices, so where needed, I would photoshop the screen to represent this.

The website would also later go on to receive a blog page to keep people up-to-date, as well as a chat-bot who now sits at the bottom of the page.

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