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Illustration, Branding



The Portobello Pub Co

Since working with Portobello, I have created some of the labels used on their beers and brews. Sometimes I simply only need to tidy up a pre-existing design, however other times I am lucky enough to fully design and develop its style, some of which I have included on this page.

Pump Labels

Here is a mixed array of labels I have created for Portobello. Some of the labels, such as 'Puerto Bello' the Día de Muertos styled Rainbow Pilsner label, are designed to fit the theme of the bar/restaurants they sit in, Spanish and Latin American respectively

Sometimes when there is an event (such as the World Cup or the King's Coronation) Portobello will produce special brews for which I am often asked to produce unique labels. These tend not to stick to the traditional circular or oval shapes and instead can be die-cut to form different shapes to help showcase the drink.

Alongside the labels, posters and social media posts work to advertise both the event and Portobello's special brews, often welcoming people to join the team to watch sports whilst drinking their beers. 

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