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Because our new styling was so easy to apply to other collateral we were able to completely revamp EducationCity's downloadable packs with our new branding, with the new typefaces and refreshed colour pallet, bringing the brand into the 21st century. We produced Whitepaper's and reports also which would later be printed and used as giveaways at exhibits and expos.

EducationCity had an extensive Email campaign that ran quarterly throughout the year, with a new theme and style each quarter. Each email had a mini landing page where resources could be downloaded. Because of our new branding, my colleague and I were able to create a real array of different and unique styles for each quarter, whilst keeping the layout consistent.


We achieved this by creating illustrations and animated gifs to really capture the reciprocate eye. We added Marketo coding so that the marketing team could track the emails open rates and see who was downloading the content.

Our refreshed email/landing page designs began to see open rates of up to 70%. A huge jump from the company's previous 10–15%.

Branding, Site design



EducationCity, Edmentum

I joined EducationCity in late 2016 where I was reunited with my university friend and creative colleague to make up the two-person design team of EducationCity. EducationCity was a learning platform and study-aid which teachers could use on interactive whiteboards in classrooms to help make learning subjects such as English and Mathematics more engaging for primary school students.

EducationCity's brand was looking dated. The website had lots of click-throughs and a clunky interface that was confusing to navigate, and it was key for the company to allow information about its product and brand to be quickly obtainable, whilst still retaining the brands' fun qualities.

EducationCity Rebrand

Our rebrand still complimented the playful, colourful ethos of EducationCity, but now incorporates more whitespace allowing information not to get lost in the sea of colours, and for it to be quickly obtainable. The amount of pages has been significantly reduced, and testimonial videos have been added to make the customers time on the site more personal to its audience.

We designed the site to sit comfortably on multiple platforms, including iPads and mobile phones - methods on which the EducationCity games could also be played on. The website had country-specific variations, UK, USA and International which were tailored specifically to inform those audiences about the variation of curriculums.

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