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In late 2018, I was briefed on an animation project for the Danish communications company Danimex, who approached us for a hand-rendered animated explainer video about their products. Though I had created storyboards and smaller animations before, this was the first time that I would be bringing my own hand-rendered sketches to life in a video for a client.  


I produced a sketchy-styled storyboard for the client to see, and after a few initial tweaks began recreating the sketches digitally in photoshop, and applying effects to keep that organically crafted aesthetic to the video.

Danimex & SAGA

I later replicated this style in a similar animation for the Russian Communications company SAGA, who after seeing Danimex's, wanted one of their own. This time they wanted their story to be told by anthropomorphic devices, explaining how they individually work in different hazardous environments. Particularly enjoyed working with a different alphabet

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