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Axon Enterprise, Inc.

Behind the Uniform (BTU) is a stealth-branded photoblog and digital campaign by Axon, documenting the stories of those in our emergency services across the world. I created a clean and simple brand style that can be reflected onto all its collateral which allows the stories and the photography to take precedence.


Intriguing interviews from numerous Police Officers, firefighters and medics are displayed on the website, as well as the project's Instagram page behind_theuniform.

Behind the Uniform

Photography by Nathan Gallagher 
Interviews conducted by Daniel Eilenberg and Mark Schmid

Behind the Uniform uses Instagram as its main platform for showcasing each story. The subject posts are made up of an Introduction image, (which is posted first), followed by a quote from the interview, and then finally a snippet of audio from the original interview, with the words appearing around the subject as they are spoken.

There is also a themed post variation, which still mimics the layout of the subject post, it features a theme or a subject, such as International Women's Day, or in this case, about the Work-Life Balance of the subjects featured so far.

Fiona's three posts below also form the template I initially created, which Axon continue to use on the Instagram Page, so the strict grid structure on the BTU IG home page stays firm to this day.

The BTU website is the hub of the campaign for each of the subject's interviews. The site was designed with simplicity in mind, and I wanted it to look almost like a piece of editorial design, giving the story and beautiful photography room to breathe.

The site allows for other people to submit their story, as well as listen to additional audio clips by each person featured.

At the end of 2020, I created a book that was sent out to the initial twelve interviewees as a thank you for giving us their time. The book featured each story, as well as a personalised message for each person on the inside front cover. 

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