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Deck Design, Branding



XXXX Strat House

In late 2022 the XXX approached us to create and build a refreshed client-facing template deck for their external presentations. The deck design needed to reinforce EMF's strong branding, whilst also working alongside it's other seven sub-sections.

XXX Master Deck

Like the photography we used, I based my illustrative circles both on organic structures which I drew by hand, and then cleaner vectorised shapes which I created digitally in Illustrator, just to add to that balance of natural and man-made. Each subsection also had its own illustrated asset, a 'masked' photo, and a full bleed background image.

I approached this project as if it were a piece of Editorial design with a strict grid layout which all content would comfortably sit within. I used the circular shape of the logo as a holding device for images. We were also tasked to create a media library of natural and man-made circular shapes which could be used as full-bleed backgrounds for break slides and section introductions.

An example of the Learning section. Whilst the layout stays recognisable to the main section of the deck, the colour scheme and imagery change to reflect that section.

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