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Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technology's products became particularly helpful during late 2020 when the Covid-19 Vaccines began to be rolled out across the world.


Zebra tech wanted an updated brochure that would explain to companies how their products could help with the safe delivery of these vaccines, and wanted an illustration that could quickly explain how their products can easily be applied throughout the Cold chain delivery service.

Originally the brochure was to sit across a double-page spread, however as the project developed a single-page PDF format was preferred so sadly some of the smaller details did get lost due to the smaller size.

Coldchain Brochure

There were two versions of the brochure created, one focused on pharmaceutical companies, particularly those in charge of distributing the temperature specific vaccines; and the other on both pharmaceutical and food-based companies. The one here is the longer of the two, but the graphic journey remained the same within both brochures.


I made a point of only colouring the illustration with the Zebra colour pallet, so that rich blue colour wouldn't be lost.

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